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Identify the gap between the academic curriculum and industry requirements.

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Research & Development

At CIITE, we are passionate about information technology as a means for social improvement. We conduct research and explore the possibilities of using information technology to take our society forward. We also carry out research and development projects in collaboration with renowned universities and leading IT companies.

We also provide a forum to promote the interest in the study of information technology among the students and IT professionals and to facilitate the communication between the academia and industry. CIITE rolls out many programs and activities to promote the understanding of information technology among the students and IT professionals.

CIITE also supports the research initiatives of the member institutions, Government, Government-aided, non-profit research organizations and other educational institutions on information technology. We encourage these organizations to come up with innovative solutions through research and development. We also provide grants for the organizations and individuals that carry out research projects on information technology.

However, the decision to provide these grants will be made by the Executive Panel of CIITE. Apart from providing grants, we also provide necessary guidance and support to complete the research projects successfully.

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