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1. What is CIITE?
2. Who can become a member of CIITE?
3. Is there any membership fee?
4. Can private institutions become members of CIITE?
5. Can individuals become members of CIITE?
6. Can autonomous Government institutions become members of CIITE?
7. Can member institutions get journals and magazines of their choice?
8. Will CIITE fund seminars and conferences conducted by member institutions on their own?
9. Is there any limitation on the fund allocated to the individual member institutions?
10. Is there any special fee for becoming an executive member?
11. How do we contact CIITE?
12. What are the services offered by CIITE?
13. Can any organization avail the support facilities offered by CIITE by paying a fee?
14. Can any company become a supplier?
15. Does the support center works for 24 hours?
16. Will the support center be able to handle any queries in any platform?
17. Can CIITE depute technical staff to institutions if needed?
18. Is there any prescribed format for video - based training packages?
19. Can overseas suppliers bid for tenders in CIITE?

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