Ethical hacking

Webinar on
Ethical Hacking at CIITE, Chennai

A session led by industry experts

Webinar DATE
january 23, 2019, 5 PM
Ethical Hacking
Hacking by definition means penetrating the computer system and gaining access to the files within it. Through this unathorized intrusion, the hacker can alter many systems and security features of the network, steal identities, siphon money from accounts and wreck havoc in our daily life.

An ethical hacker (also known as the white hat hacker) can be described as a security professional who acts like a hacker and penetrates through various systems and exploits its vulnerabilities. He does so to ensure fix the internet security gaps and make it secure against professional hackers.

Ethical hackers are an important part of today’s digital team in software companies and their expertise is much in demand.

If you are fascinated by hacking and if you fancy a challenge then why not do it legally? In today’s integrated world, data protection is the need of the hour and all organizations need a smart team of ethical hackers to ensure that they do not become next victim of a cyber crime.

Our webinar on ethical hacking will give you a thorough understanding about this field and help you make an informed decision about its prospects.
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