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  • Srikarhtick A.
    Student Academic Performance (2019) by Srikarhtick A.
    (Periyar University)
    This application is developed exclusively for colleges to store all data pertaining to students right from personal details to academic performance, total marks to college attendance. You can retrieve the data using any parameter such as student name, roll number, etc.
  • Manoraj.K
    Education Chatbot by Manoraj K.
    (Periyar University)
    An abstract user-interface, Supporting Chatbot is a text-based system allowing the users to type commands and receive text. When integrated with popular web services supporting chatbot can be utilized securely by a larger audience.
  • Arun.M
    Automatic Timetable Generator by M. Arun
    (Periyar University)
    A handy application designed using MVC, the automatic timetable generator will help the faculty to schedule subjects, teachers according to the requisite time. With an automatic system in place, time lags, repetitions and omission of subjects/faculty will be addressed.
  • Pooja.P
    Nutrition Spot (2019) by Pooja P.
    (Periyar University)
    A website that provides useful information about health and wellness for a wide range of audience. Tips about a balanced diet, physical activities and exercises, lifestyle management, diseases and their prevention for infant babies to adults. A complete guide with videos, remedies, solutions, tips, illustrations, images and downloadable information, this website is a complete health package useful for one and all.
  • Karthik.G
    Student Performance Grading (2019) by Karthik G.
    (Periyar University)
    An application that would be extremely handy for colleges and educational institutes, you can keep all pertinent details about a student within one centralized hub. From grades to personal information every detail about a student can be procured by just searching for their roll number.
  • Dhivya.R
    Web Portal for Farmers (2019) by Divya R.
    (Periyar University)
    An application that has been conceived and designed to make farming profitable for the farmers. Through this application farmers can deal directly with the market dealers by fixing a standard rate for their produce, sell their products without middlemen which ensures a standard income month-on-month. Through this application, they can also apply for a loan and read up on information related to it in different languages, ask specific queries and advice regarding the same.
  • Karunya.M
    Bluesky Airlines (2019) by Karunya M.
    (Periyar University)
    An airline application that can be used to store, retrieve and conduct transactions for air travel, this can be used to enhance the relationship between customers and airline agencies. It amplifies convenience for the customers when they wish to book flights wherever they wish to travel.
  • Praveen.S
    Remote Monitoring & Controlling (2019) by Praveen S.
    (Periyar University)
    This remote monitoring application is developed for organizations and companies that wish to maintain security and monitor device and computer allotment for staff during their working hours. Comprising of three login protocols (Super Admin, Admin and User), the application authenticates users and monitors their client system as well by sending a warning message if it is no longer in an ideal state.
  • Paneer Selvam.K
    Supporting Chatbot (2019) by Paneer Selvam K.
    (Periyar University)
    An abstract user-interface, Supporting Chatbot is a text-based system allowing the users to type commands and receive text. When integrated with popular web services supporting chatbot can be utilized securely by a larger audience.
  • Sankar.A
    Trying Level Password Authentication (2019) by Sankar A.
    (Periyar University)
    A security application for website, this program safeguards the site against hacking and unlawful sign-ins. With this application, the admin can set different levels of security protocols and configure security question and answer. Passwords that are changed will be sent securely to the user’s email id and wrong passwords consequently entered thrice will be changed dynamically by the system and the admin will be notified through email or mobile.
  • E-Journal (2018) by Radha S
    (Periyar University)
    A handy application for academic researchers, an E-Journal closely resembles the print journal structure. Through this application, academic scholars and researchers can create a journal that has the same formal structure as a print journal with indexed bibliographic databases. E-Journal also allows the researchers to include video materials, links and audio files that would enhance their work and research.
  • Student-Faculty Rating System (2018) Prasanth Kumar R
    (Periyar University)
    An innovative rating system where students can rate their faculty based on various attributes from curriculum knowledge, aptitude and attitude. Alternatively, the application also allowed the faculty to rate their students on various attributes.
  • Alumni Portal for Computer Science (2017) by Saranya S
    (Periyar University)
    A social portal that allows old students of the University Alumni to interact and communicate with each other. It allowed the Administrator to upload, verify and maintain information about the students and allowed the students to search for old classmates, follow their career and social lives, search for jobs and network with other alumni members.
  • Education Information System (2017) by Meena K
    (Periyar University)
    An information portal that collated school, college and university information under one hub. Using this hub, students can find out which schools, colleges and universities are offering what courses and streams of study. It also provided curriculum information, eligibility to apply and application forms can be downloaded and submitted online.
  • Online Digital Certificate Verification(2017) by Periyasamy K
    (Periyar University)
    A handy verification tool that enabled companies and enterprises to check and verify whether the certificate submitted by the student is authentic or not. The database of Online Digital Certificate Verification can be managed and maintained by the Universities and upload fresh data every academic year.
  • Online Discussion Forum (2017) by Prabhu R
    (Periyar University)
    Online Discussion Forum is a web-based application that can be used to interact, clarify and discuss curriculum-related subjects with the teaching staff. It encourages the students to clarify their doubts on a one-on-one basis with the teachers. It also motivates the students to participate in online discussions with their peers and teachers on various subjects.
  • Pekaxe(2017) by Kalaivanan
    (Periyar University)
    Pekaxe is a niche website that offers various software programs for Windows and Android operating system. Categorized with most popular downloads and updated programs, Pekaxe is an exclusive website that does not accept random software submissions. It follows a stringent quality process that allows only safe and secure applications that are popularly used and endorsed by the industry.
  • Sports Event Management System (SEMS)(2017) by Jaya Sri K
    (Periyar University)
    This application was developed for the Department of Physical Education, Periyar University (Salem, Tamil Nadu). This application automated many manual tasks in relation to managing and conducting sports events at a University. The web interface allowed the Students and Administration to interact, sign up and apply for sporting events seamlessly.
  • Event Portal (2017) by Jaya Sudha V
    (Periyar University)
    A versatile portal, this site provides the users with basic features that would allow them to create an event and promote the information in social media. It is also loaded with many advanced features that allowed the event managers to create exclusive websites for the event, to create a community around the program and promote it dynamically on the web.
  • Online Exam Information Portal (2017) P. Jayanthi
    (Periyar University)
    This is a much-needed information portal that would be beneficial for institutes, schools and colleges. Using this portal, the Administrator can upload information such as exam schedules, subject/paper names, code numbers, date, day, time and session. An information portal like this ensures there is nil miscommunication and it also reduces repetitive manual tasks allowing for the Administrator.
  • Transport Ordering System (2017) by P. Hema
    (Periyar University)
    The Transport Ordering System is a versatile application portal that will aid transport business owners in logistics management and the users to book a truck for various purposes. Using this portal, Users can book different types of trucks for various purposes and transport owners can seamlessly manage the movement of their vehicles based on past history, transaction and routes.
  • Farmers Web Portal (2017) by B. Gurupriyan
    (Periyar University)
    A unique project that not only provides end-to-end solutions to the farmers but also encourages interaction between Agriculture students and the farming community. The portal had many advanced features that gave the farmers a complete understanding about agriculture loans, how to sell their produce online and an audio recording feature that helps in training.
  • Automatic Speech and Text Recognition System for Web Applications (2017) by Sumanth. M
    (Periyar University)
    A unique project that enabled the web application to identify and convert spoken text into the written form. Speech recognition in web applications is a useful feature that would help people with disabilities to work hand-free seamlessly.
  • Student Examination Portal System (2017) by Aravind B
    (Periyar University)
    Student Examination Portal System automates the seating arrangement logistics during examinations in colleges and universities. In this portal details of examination, dates, time, sessions and number students can be uploaded to generate automatic room and seat allocation. Through its inbuilt messaging system, seating charts and other information can be sent to the students, invigilators and teachers.
  • Project Monitoring System (2016) by Koushik P
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    Project Monitoring System is an integrated application that can be used to track the status of different projects, timeline and set realistic deadlines for the same. It can also be integrated with the Human Resources Department allowing them to track and monitor the performance of each employee and generate automatic reports for the same.
  • E-Gift Shop (2016) by Praveen Kumar S
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    A gifting portal where users can easily make online purchases that would be delivered at your home. The E-Gift shop is an elaborate application with numerous advanced features and end-to-end seamless integration facilities that allowed the user to pay through various payment methods.
  • Online Exam Result Analysis (2016) by G. Mahalakshmi
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    A useful web application for any college or university, Online Exam Result Analysis is an automated module that allows the Administrator to maintain a question bank, add new questions, set question papers, assign tests, calculate results and generate analytical reports. A much-needed application that would considerably reduce the manual work of the teachers through easy automation.
  • Online Auction (2015) by Saranya GS
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    An exclusive online auction portal where art, collectables and antiques can be auctioned online and users can bid and purchase the same in a seamless manner. This niche portal had many advanced features that allowed the users to view and track the provenance of various products, transparent transaction history and advanced bidding options.
  • Project Workforce Management System (2015) by Angayarkanni K
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    Project Workforce Management System is a versatile application through which a work project can be professionally planned, managed, supervised and completed. Through task allocation, priority management and error escalation can be easily managed.
  • Field Force Automation (2015) by Belita Helen J
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    Field Force Automation is a web application program that would aid in customer service query management. It provides the customers with a seamless experience and helps to find solutions for frequently asked questions and process their status according to priority.
  • Tennis Slam Tracker (2011) by Anusha N
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    A niche sports portal developed exclusively for Tennis fans, this application provides new updates on tennis tournaments held all over the world. Through this site, it is easy to keep track of various tournaments, upcoming matches, scores, player profiles, match points, player achievements, milestones, photo gallery, videos of past matches etc.
  • Click to Chase (2011) by S. Balakrishnan
    ( Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Anna University )
    Click to Chase was a web-based online quiz application program that was designed for the corporate world’s recruitment requirements. The main objective of Click to Chase software was to facilitate written test integration with job sites.
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