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Frequently Asked Questions
add What is CIITE? What does it do?
The Consortium of Indian Information Technology Education is an educational organization that wishes to serve the IT education sector through innovative programs and services that would enhance an IT student’s profile in today’s challenging job market.
add Who can become a member of CIITE?
Any Government or Government-aided organization can become a member of CIITE. Organizations engaged in IT research and non-profit organizations that have been operational for more than three years in India can apply for a membership. The membership to CIITE is however subject to terms and conditions
add What is the membership fee for CIITE?
There is a no membership fee for being a part of CIITE. It is absolutely free.
add What is the period of membership at CIITE? Should it be renewed annually?
Once an Institution or an organization becomes a member, its membership will be perpetual therefore there is no renewal process.
add What are the circumstances under which the membership might be cancelled?
The cancellation of membership might happen under the following circumstances –

  1. Misuse of CIITE’s resources and distributed software.
  2. Over usage of CIITE’s distributed software and indiscriminate distribution of licenses.
add Can private institutions become members of CIITE?
Non-profit organizations that have been operational for over three years can become members of CIITE.
add Can individuals become a member of CIITE?
No only government institutions and non-profit organizations can become a member of CIITE.
add Can autonomous Government Institutions become a member of CIITE?
Yes. They can become a member of CIITE.
add Can member institutions select and subscribe for any journal or magazine of their choice?
CIITE subscribed for many journals and magazines for their digital library. Member institutions can select over ten magazines/journals of their choice and online access to them will be provided. If the Member Institutions wish to procure any new journal or magazine outside this list, their recommendations will be placed before the executive panel who will review the same.
add Will CIITE fund seminars and conferences conducted by member institutions?
Though CIITE does not fund independent seminars and conferences conducted by member institutions, we do entertain requests to conduct exclusive IT-related events and hackathons in our premises.
add Is there any limitation on the fund allocated to the individual member institution?
Each request for a grant from a member institution is examined by our advisory board in CIITE and their recommendations are taken into consideration while allocating the funds.
add How to become an executive member of CIITE? Is there any fee involved?
Executive membership at CIITE is an exclusive privilege that is subject to certain eligibility conditions. Invitation to become an executive member is given at the discretion of our expert panel in CIITE. There is no fee involved in this process.
add What are the services offered by CIITE?
CIITE offers a whole range of services for its members – Software Training Programs, Seminars, conferences & Hackathons, Grants for Institutions and Individuals, Latest software programs, Digital library etc. You can learn more about our services here
add Can any other organization avail the support services offered by CIITE by paying a fee?
No. CIITE’s services are available only for its member institutions free of cost.
add Can any Indian company become a supplier at CIITE?
Yes, but it is subject to the terms and conditions laid down by CIITE.
add Does CIITE provide technical support to its member institutions?
Yes. Our support center can be contacted on any working day from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. You can also email your queries to support@ciite.org and they will be answered within 24 hours turnaround time.
add Is CIITE support center equipped to handle queries in any platform?
Yes. We have a large support team comprising of software professionals, capable of handling all manners of queries.
add Can CIITE depute technical staff to Institutions if the need arises?
At present CIITE’s technical staff can’t be deputed to member institutions for personalized support. All support will be provided over the phone, online chat emails or through remote sharing of desktop.
add Is there any prescribed format for video-based training packages?
Yes. Video-based training packages can be submitted only in Web 2.0 compatible format.
add Can Overseas suppliers become a supplier/partner for CIITE?
No. However they can become CIITE supplier through their Indian representative company.
add How do we contact CIITE?
You can contact CIITE through –

Phone Numbers – +91-44-2434 9912

Email Idcontact@ciite.org
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